• October 21, 2018
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  • September Constructor Article
    Updated On: Sep 04, 2018

    Congratulations to Dave Griefenhagen on becoming our new Business Manager. Good Luck on your new adventure!

    Work is still a little slow here. We are hoping things pick up soon.

    If you think about your retirement, like I do, and get all confused, wondering how much you should have, where to start?

    This was sent to me by brother Tom "Roundy" Welters.

    How big should your nest egg be?

    The answer is highly personal, and specific dollar amounts can be arbitrary, but according to retirement-plan provider

    Fidelity Investments, a good rule of thumb is to have 10 Times your final salary in savings if you want to retire by age 67.

    Fidelity also suggests a timeline to use in order to get that magic number:

    * By 30: Have the equivalent of your salary saved

    * By 40: Have 3 times your salary saved

    * By 50: Have 6 times your salary saved

    * By 60: Have 8 times your salary saved

    * By 67: Have 10 times your salary saved

    I was scrolling around on the internet, and every other click of the mouse would tell me something different.  

    If you haven't started investing in your 401k plan, you better get going!!  You should have a Roth IRA, and maybe consider a 

    financial advisor as well, unless you are really good at understanding all the information

    that they send  you.

    Your Local representatives can be reached at

    Dan Gilbert - d.gilbert@local9.com

    Dave Griefenhagen - d.griefenhagen@local9.com

    Terri Stave - t.stave@local9.com

    Lesley Ronsen - local9news@aol.com

    Remember to be a brother/sister/mentor to your brothers and sisters!!!  We are all in this together!  Please be safe out there

    and follow your companies safety policies.  We want you to go home every night to your families and friends.

    In solidarity, Your sister,

    Lesley Ronsen

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